Italian Street Art

It should come as no surprise that as the cradle of the Renaissance, art still runs thick through the blood of the Italians. I went looking for art, and found that it was not confined to the walls of the great museums of Florence or the Venice Bienale. Instead, it positively spills onto the literal streets and covers the walls and alleys of nearly every building. Even more than I loved the gelato, my discovery of Italian graffiti was my favorite part of my Italian trip. Here are some highlights.

P.S. My Italian is rudimentary at the moment. If you can do a better job translating some of this than I have, please drop me a line so I can correct it ❤

…in case no one has told you today. Travestere, Rome

Masterful chalk art right on the sidewalks of Florence

Amid the rising wave of international Nationalism, neo-nationalist Matteo Salvini had been recently elected Deputy Prime Minister. As you can see, some were critical of his policies.

Left: “But my love does not die” Center “Venice will be your end. Antifascist Military” Right: “Salivini shit”

On the note of Venetian defiance and self determination, here is this banner I spotted hanging over the Grand Canal. “No Mafia Venice is Sacred.” The Republic of Venice lasted from 697 until 1797 when they were invaded by Napoleon, making them one of the longest running republics in history.
Travestere, Rome

“Che Ti Prendi” means “What would you like?”


Across from a bus stop in Rome

Grafitti Wall, Travestere, Rome

Red Nose collection found in Travestere, Rome

“Mechanical Problems” spotted in Rome. My favorite.


Disaffection with the scandals in the Church perhaps? Naples
Banksy crashed the Biennale! Spotted on my way to attend the famous art festival, it was actually my partner back home that recognized his style while I was spamming him with grafitti. This migrant child could be a criticism of Salvini and his hard line on asylum seekers and illegal immigration.

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