Never Ask a Historian What’s New…

At least that’s what one of my graduate professors once said.

Dear reader, welcome to my website.  You have stumbled upon what is a growing collection of my scholarly efforts, submitted to the World Wide Web for your edification and/or use.  I am an aspiring military historian with a specialization in WWII, and that’s what you’ll generally find here.  Except in “Rants and Rambles.”  Anything is game there.

A lot of what is here is work that has been submitted to my graduate professors in either paper form or discussion forums.  I haven’t yet managed to turn any of it into a book, but everything here got me an “A” at least, so you’re good.

Also included are some letters from WWII I am working on transcribing.

And hey, if I’ve been of use or entertainment to you – like me, cite me, share me, get this site around a bit!

With that said, into the breech, my friends!

E.L. Akin 2017