Never Ask a Historian What’s New…

At least that’s what one of my graduate professors once said.

Dear reader, welcome to my website.  You have stumbled upon what is a growing collection of my scholarly efforts, submitted to the World Wide Web for your edification and/or use.  I am an aspiring military historian with a specialization in WWII, and that’s what you’ll generally find here.  Except in “Rants and Rambles.”  Anything is game there.

A lot of what is here is work that has been submitted to my graduate professors in either paper form or discussion forums.  I haven’t yet managed to turn any of it into a book, but everything here got me an “A” at least, so you’re good.

Also included are some letters from WWII I am working on transcribing.

And hey, if I’ve been of use or entertainment to you – like me, cite me, share me, get this site around a bit!

With that said, into the breech, my friends!

E.L. Akin 2017


  1. EL Akin, eh? In the vein of JK Rowling and DC Fontana? Smart. Very smart.

    Hope you don’t mind I spread this around like — sorry. Bad ‘nam joke on the way there. I stopped it. Seriously, though. I can imagine some folks who’d dig your bumbles and blatherings.


  2. my dad, James Henry Dolan, is mentioned in the paper on the JFK assassination. i read it with interest, though i saw nothing new there. i thought it odd that AGVA was not mentioned. it was my dad’s brief stewardship, if you could call it that, from the late 50s into about ’61 or so, that put him in touch with Ruby. if they had any other relationship prior to that, i never knew about. thanks for an interesting read

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    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by and especially for commenting! Just for the sake of grins, have you any opinion on who is the likely killer of JFK? My father, who authored this particular paper, believes it was James Files.


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