Cherry Pickin’ Putin

Spotted this entertaining little article while perusing my MSN homepage:

Russia angry at Poland over WWII anniversary snub

Read the article, seriously. It’s short and funny as hell. In short, Putin is in a pout because Russia wasn’t invited to this little commemoration shin-dig which Poland threw. My favorite part? Accusing the Polish of ignoring “historic logic” because of the USSR’s “unquestionably decisive contribution to the defeat of Hitler’s Reich and the liberation of Poland from the Nazi aggressors.”

Oh, Vladimir. Bless your vodka-soaked little heart.

This is actually a pretty damned accurate imagining of Russia’s genuinely sizable contribution to defeating the Nazis. He got that part right, at least.

Yeah. Ok. Credit where credit is due, and Russia was absolutely, inarguably decisive in beating the Nazis. Did you know the Germans suffered more casualties on the Eastern Front than all other fronts of the war combined? Not to mention the issues Hitler faced when dealing with a war on multiple fronts while simultaneously being hampered by Benito Mussolini, that albatross of an ally. For their part, the Soviets suffered approximately 25 million casualties largely to defeat the Nazis. Contrast that with the 9 million Germans and half-million Americans and British.

But. Um. Putin? Darlin’? You seem to have missed a few details here. Namely, the whole war BEFORE 1941, when Hitler invaded Russia. You know… the war that started in 1939… WHEN THE USSR AND NAZI GERMANY AGREED TO CARVE UP POLAND AND STARTED THE WHOLE DANG WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE?

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, signed August 1939 and commented on in these period cartoons, divided up Poland and meddled in the fates of several other small countries. The two agreed to not attack each other nor to ally with the other’s enemies. In short, they were practically allies. All this of course went to hell in the summer of 1941 when Hitler let his racist fanaticism get the better of him and violated the pact by launching the ultimately disastrous invasion of Russia.

This is the fox getting into the hen house, and then expecting to be thanked for only eating SOME of the hens instead of ALL. This is literally the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

“Historic logic?” Seriously? The fact that Poland (and many other Eastern European countries) still regard Russia with distrust and dislike *IS* historic logic. Because unlike Putin, they haven’t cherry-picked their own history.

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