Never Ask a Historian What’s New…

At least that’s what one of my graduate professors once said.

Welcome to this random assortment of (generally) military-centered academia and the occasional rant.  Here you will find the scholarly efforts of an aspiring young military historian who, in spite of talent, remains yet relatively unknown and sadly without a publishing deal (le sigh).

Most of the stuff here is going to be WWII related so dive right in.  Almost all of it the result of graduate work, and I was a straight “A” student so if you’re wanting to cite any of this for research please do and rest assured it’s solid.  You’ll also find a collection of family war letters I am working on transcribing.

And hey, if I’ve been of use or entertainment to you – like me, cite me, share me, get this site around a bit, and someday maybe I *won’t* be unknown!

With that said, into the breech, my friends!

E.L. Akin 2017


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