Unpopular Opinions: “Blackwashing” the Egyptians

So a forensic rendering of Queen Nefertiti has been unveiled, and some folks are absolutely flipping out.


That’s just a for instance. Or click here to check out this rant from The Root.

Ya’ll, I’m frankly baffled by the gaps in education I see on social media and even among my intelligent, educated friends.

Kids, the Egyptians WERE NOT BLACK. African?  Absolutely!  But NOT ALL AFRICANS are Black either.  Africa is a very large continent with a very wide variety of environments, species, and races.  Neither of course were the Egyptians WHITE. The answer here is C: none of the above.  Sorry, Black America and White America – neither of y’all get to claim these folks, if that’s what you’re after.  But I don’t really see the point in writing a big long post when the evidence can prove my point for me.

Check out what you get when you Google up “Average Egyptian Woman”


Or, better yet, check out these recent DNA tests done on Egyptian mummies.

From the Washington Post

From Science Daily

From CNN

From The Verge

To hastily summarize the above, DNA test reveal that the ancient Egyptians were essentially Middle Easterners, with almost no genetics from Sub-Saharan (Black) Africa. In fact, modern day Egyptians (like the ladies googled above) are actually MORE black than their monument-building ancestors, with the average modern Egyptian possessing  up to 20% genetic material from their Southern neighbors.

It’s just the science, ya’ll.