So this is the nonsense commentary Charlie Hebdo felt obliged to offer up in response to the devastation Hurricane Harvey has wrecked upon the Texas coast.

For those of you who are unaware, I am a Texan.

At this moment, there are 31 dead and the toll promises only to climb.  Thousands are homeless across two states.  Innocent men, women, and children are without the most basic amenities of life and are taking shelter wherever they can find it.  This has been declared an unprecedented, 1,000 year flood event.  It’s going to cost the state billions in damage and we have not even begun to see the long-term repercussions of this event that only be described as catastrophic.

America is on point right now.  Aid is flowing into the devastated areas from all corners of society, from the government on down to the humblest individuals.  Even furniture stores are sheltering evacuees, wrecking their inventory and losing money because they’re goddamned human beings.2358126_1280x720

And this stupid shit is what Charlie Hebdo decides to publish.

Yes, I’m cussing now.  This is no longer about me being a professional.  I am a Texan.  And I am a human being with a heart.  Which is more than I can say for these jerks.

I have a heart.  Which is why when a couple of Hebdo’s artist’s got themselves blown away because of th24A5649200000578-2907035-image-a-22_1421089342735eir “Draw Mohammad” contest, I mourned for them.  I felt genuine heartache at the thought of some French artists whom I had never met getting killed for nothing more than exercising their freedom of speech.  I mourned.  America mourned.  I’m talking to you, Charlie Hebdo.  Do you silly French twats know who mourned especially for ya’ll?

The political Right.

The people that make Texas a red state.

The folks that voted Trump into office.

Every time some Muslim extremist psychopath blows ya’ll up, or runs ya’ll down, or shoots ya’ll to pieces, we as Americans – including Texas –  hurt for you and you get a major outpouring of sympathy and support from your American allies.  The picture below is of my own city, Dallas, showing sympathy and support for ya’ll following the November 2015 Paris attacks.


Even I blogged sympathetic sentiments for ya’ll.  We go way back, France and America, back two World Wars and to our own Revolution.

You know who especially supports ya’ll when the terrorists are hammering at you?  The political Right.  They actually sympathize with those of you concerned with religious extremism.  The Left doesn’t generally go for that.

Your strongest support and sympathy in your hours of agony has come from the so-called “Nazis” that are now suffering and drowning in Texas.

Let’s have some photos of the devastation here.  Because we cried with you over twelve murdered cartoonists, and now you’re celebrating thirty dead Texans and countless ruined lives.


Now lets talk about those devastated Texans, and their affiliation with Trump and the “Nazi” Right.  Check out this map:


See that pretty blue area where the arrow is pointing?  That’s Houston.  This is a map showing how Texas voted in the last presidential election. Houston, like the other major metropolitan areas in Texas (and the border areas for obvious reasons) voted Democrat.

Just sayin’

And now I’m going to go from angry Texan to angry Texan historian.

Do you French jerks really want to talk politics with a WWII historian?  Do you really want to point fingers and start condemning folks for being supposed Nazis?  Because I got one word for all ya’ll:  Collaborators.

Ya’ll rolled over for Hitler like a cheap hooker.

And guess who came and bailed your asses out.  It wasn’t England.  It wasn’t Russia.

It was us.

Thanks for the support.